Article's out.
Read it here :)

Would just like to make mention that I'm not a subeditor for a local website, though I do run another blog. (I'll probably be asked by colleagues if I'm quitting the company... :|) And one of the reasons for starting this blog is because I almost started making and selling accessories early this year, but time doesn't permit me to do so. Hence, this little space will have to do for the time being :)

Not sure why the items weren't credited as I was told it would be.
Anyway, items are from Mimpi Murni, Dwotties and Millie Devotee,
and jacket is from Shopaholics Unite.
(No, I didn't get special discounts for putting up their stuff. I appreciate their art and paid in full :))

Also feels rather strange to be in the youth section...
Hahaha :)

Nasa, hope you're okay with these minor corrections.
Thanks for the write-up!


Woman said...

hi charlotte!

ching here, from wk. good job on the blog! read about it and thought u looked familiar haha. keep it up dearie ;-)

Chelle said...

Chelle frm dwotties here!
Yay! You're on the newspaper~ hehe!
Awesome dear! =)

little acompaniments said...

Hey Ching! Nice to have you pop by here :) Will you be coming back in December for our company dinner? Sing, sing! :D

Hope to catch you at a gig one night. Must ask Yap for gig stuff :)


Chelle, I hope your lovely earrings will be able to sell well ;)

Woman said...

charlotte dear, u are too nice hehehe. our band will be playing at No Black Tie on November 19th. but quite far la hor.. heehe if u can come u come la, if cant its ok also ;-)

actually i actively shop online and run a small shopping blog (10 Things), didn't know ure a reviewer! it's great that there's a review blog on accessories only. so happy for u!

little acompaniments said...

Ching, I'm sure you've come a long way from the time you sang "Fly me to the moon" (of which I enjoyed) :)

Wednesday night might be hard. Wake up pretty early on weekdays.

What's your blog? Put it up at the chatbox lah. I wanna looksee :D