Received an email from The Star yesterday asking if I'm okay to be interviewed tomorrow. Thought about it for awhile and had initially decided to decline. Am a rather private person (hence my name's not on this blog), but after giving it more thought, I decided that it'd be fun to be interviewed about this
little blog space of mine :)

Not entirely sure what I'm supposed to bring yet. Waiting for her email.
Butterflies in my stomach already..
Interviews and presentations tend to do that to me...



Wendy said...

Hie Charlotte, Wow.. it sounds great! Congrats ya..

little accompaniments said...

Hey Wendy,

I was very suprised to read her email :)

Looking forward to having you back!

Waiyee Chan said...

Heya! I'd say go for it! Hehe! It'd be fun! Is it for R.AGE section? :)

little acompaniments said...

Hello Wai Yee,

Turned out to be an email interview instead (much to my delight!).

It will be in the Youth section :)