Came across this site last week and found that she's having a contest!
Most of you would have already known by now that I'm a fan of birdy stuffs, so here's my attempt at winning a birdy mug and print :D

You just have to write a lil script for a Birdie Says mug and the most creative entry will win.
More details here.

Well, I've thought about this for a whole week, and here are my entries:

Lil squirrel friend on the left cupping its mouth with its hand says, "I was told a lil..."
Birdie on the right with arms crossed, eyes closed and head slightly tilted to one side say, "It wasn't me!"

Birdie looking cool in a pair of sunglasses says, "Hot stuff!"
Perhaps with some sand on the ground too.

3. For my third entry, I've made a rough illustration:

*fingers crossed!*

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