Hey shoppers :)
Sorry for the lack of updates. It's not without reason though.

I think the main reason was caused by a spate of unpleasant online shopping experiences
which left me thinking, "why not just go to bazaars instead?"
(I'm still trying to fix an earring stud that I had gotten a few weeks ago
that got bent through postage, and subsequently broken..)

Anyway, I've figured that blogshops still serve as a good guide to know what will potentially be available at offline bazaars, and most jewelry blogshops still have one-of-a-kind jewelry.

It was that, plus I had been busy and was away for awhile too.
So, I'll still be updating, but only intermittently as I've to reprioritise what I do daily.
June & July's always a busy time for me anyway.

Do drop by anyhow as blogshops are continously updating on my sidebar :)
And blogshop owners who do COD for free or at a minimal charge, do buzz me!

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